She married US-based filmmaker Arun Kapoor in Jan 2017

Actress Somya Seth who has acted in TV serials like ‘Navya’ and ‘Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat’ has recently opened up about facing violence and manipulation and hinted at a divorce or separation from her husband Arun Kapoor who’s a US-based filmmaker

In a recent instagram post, she wrote,“8 years ago when I took up Navya I was 21 years old girl… wanted the world to believe in love!!! Wanted to heal the world with love!! I believed everyone deserves love and to be loved. I was in my own country. I lived with my parents who protected me from everything evil. I have grown up – I have seen violence, I have seen hate, I have seen jealousy, I have seen injustice, emotional manipulation and physical abuse! I have seen Beautiful Faces with ugly hearts.”


After dating Arun Kapoor for quite some time, she got married to him in a private ceremony on January 15, 2017.

Sharing their wedding news, Somya had then told a media portal, “Yes, we had a roka ceremony. I met Arun during my three months trip to US. We became friends and eventually fell in love.”

Nine months later, she took to instagram to announce the arrival of her baby boy.

“He came into my life and changed it forever!! He crawled into my heart and filled it w more love and warmth. The first time I laid my eyes on him, the way I see the world has changed. The first time I held him in my hands, realised how it feels to have your whole world in your hands! Ayden Krish Kapoor you are the reason I am in this world. You made me a mother! You changed the meaning of every word in my dictionary, my life has more depth because of you. These words are nothing but just a drop in the ocean of love you have filled my life with!!” she wrote.


While she often shares her son’s pictures, there are no pictures with her husband Arun Kapoor on her on Instagram account.

She has also been posting some cryptic messages on instagram of late which hint at all not being well in her life.



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