Big Boss season 13 is giving viewers a lot to talk about.Each day seems to be giving viewers closer look into the private lives of their favourite celebrities.This time it was Paras Chhabra and Mahira Sharma’s chemistry. In his intro video tried Paras Chhabra to called himself  a  lover  boy and said that his main aim would be getting into the good books of  the ladies.

He was recently seen in a footage kissing Maharia Sharma, so netizens tried getting reactions from his gf. His girlfriend Akansha Puri obviously seemed hurt by this display of affection. In an interview she opined that these gestures are making her doubt their relationship of three years. She was quoted saying:-

“Now, even I have started doubting that he has been either playing there for three months or playing with me from three years. I guess my suggested idea is proving heavy to me. Still, I want to wait for him to come out and talk as he left on a very different note. I don’t want to jump to any conclusion,

Earlier Paras Chhabra had stated that gf has mindf***ked him to get a tattoo.

In a conversation with Arhaan Khan, he said, “Kyun maine tattoo banwaya, yeh reason nahi pata tujhe? I was mindf**ked toh I had to, ki chal tu shaant ho jaa (You know the reason why I got the tattoo? I was mindf**ked and I had to, to calm her down),” he said, adding that she would constantly ask him to prove his love and commitment towards her.

Paras replied that he could always modify the tattoo. “Kitna bada tattoo hai? Yeh tattoo maine iss tareeke se banwaya hai ki kal ko agar mujhe kuch aur banwana ho toh (How big is the tattoo? I got it made so that if tomorrow, I want to get something else made, I can),”


Reacting  to those claims Akansha Puri stated “The tattoo on his hand was a surprise gift from him. I was in the middle of a shoot when he sent a picture of the tattoo on my phone. And because he had tattooed my signature, I got a tattoo of his name. I never thought that he would cook up this story inside the house,” .

Well all the above drama is clearly to much for anyone to take,so Akansha Puri feeling hurt and shocked is obvious.

Will Paras Chhabra break up with his present gf? Or is his the chemistry with Mahira Sharma just an stratergy to win?Do comment and let us know.

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