Boy CottChhapaak trends on twitter as Deepika decides to visit JNU University

Actress Deepika Padukone was busy these days promoting her latest  movie “Chhapaak” .The movie is based on real life story of an acid attack survivor .The story traces the journey of the acid attack survivor ,her struggles and her commitment to over come all odds. Deepika has pledged to help acid attack survivors with the earnings of the movie. The movie Chaapak is all set to be released on 9 January 2020.However like her earlier movies ,it has encountered its share of controversy before its release.

Deepika Padukone recently visited JNU university to show solidarity with students who have been victims of violence and police brutality . JNU University  though has also been gathering flak from people because of its support to anti Kashmir outfits and anti CAA protests. So its no wonder as soon as Deepika showed up at the university #BoycottChapak  started trending online .It was one of the top trends on twitter in India, with close to 220,000 tweets by the hashtag. Another reason why certain people were trending the BoycottChhapaak  hastagat was because they were not happy with the change in name and religion of the culprit . Apparently there were rumors that the name and religion of culprit has been changed from Nadeem Khan to a Hindu name Rajesh. One report denies the rumor and quotes

In 2005, Laxmi was disfigured for life when a man called Nadeem Khan and three others allegedly hurled acid at her in Delhi’s upscale Khan Market. In the film based on her life, the narrative remains the same but the names have been changed. So, Laxmi is ‘Malti’ Agarwal and Nadeem becomes ‘Babboo’ aka ‘Bashir Khan’. Moreover, Rajesh is the name of Malti’s boyfriend.
Well its just a night left for the release of the movie and all the apprehensions be met .Comment and let us know what do you think of all the controversy .

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