priyanka chopra Vs Deepika Padukone 2019 Met Gala look

Met Gala 2019 theme and looks:

The looks at  Met Gala are never  for the faint hearts,people always expect extravagant and outrageous fashion.The Met gala 2019 was even more striking because the theme was inspired by Susan Sontag’s iconic 1964 essay, Notes on “Camp,” which describes the essence of camp as “love of the unnatural: of artifice and exaggeration.It neutralizes moral indignation, sponsors playfulness.Lady Gaga, who co-hosted the event established her dominion as a camp champ with a flamboyant striptease on the red carpet .However this year another head turner was suicide Squad famed “Joker”Jared Leto. He sure got some head turning when he walked the red carpet with a Gucci designed wax replica of his own head!!


Met Gala Deepika Padukone Vs Priyanka Chopra looks

Priyanka Chopra wore a  silver gown , feathery cape topped it with Afro /tasseled hair and a crown while Deepika Padukone played it safe with Pink gown though it looked very extravagant.She explained it was inspired by Disney Princess look. Priyanka Chopra does seem to have embodied the theme of being flamboyant and playful with silver bindi and eye makeup. Priyanka’s make up seemed like it was inspired by alien,techno look.

Nick Jonas Priyanka posting with Lilly Singh at Met Gala 2019
Deepika Padukone posing for Met Gala 2019 in pink Barbie inspired gown
Priyanka-Chopra posing in Silver-gown at Met-Gala-2019
Priyanka-Nick-Jonas -Met-Gala-2019
Priyanka and Nick Jonas posing for Met Gala 2019


Nick Jonas wore a suave and princely look .The hand shawl thing Nick wore does look  very Indian Princely style.Comment and lets know who would you vote as winner or Camp Champ?Get a look at more crazy Met Gala 2019 looks in the video below.


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