Shruti Hassan on kids and marriage

Pretty actress Shruti Hassan is known to speak her heart out.Shes has made a mark of her own in the Indian film industry.Shes a multifacet artist and has done playback singing,has a band of her own and acts in Tamil,Telgu and Hindi films. Shruti has been in news for some time now, all thanks to her personal life.In India live in relationships are frowned upon and even celebrities are not sparred from that.So no wonder paps keep a close watch on whose dating who.


She had earlier been vocal about her past relationship with a director. Now the pretty actress is rumoured to be dating a handsome British artist, Michael Corsale. Paps have  often clicked  her  with alleged beau and they look cute together .In one of her interviews earlier she had revealed that she doesn’t need a marriage to have kids. She said

“I am not thinking of marriage now but I will marry when I feel it’s right time. If I find the right guy, I won’t hesitate to have children even before marriage. I won’t mind what media or people think of me.“

Well this will get some closed minded ones talking but we totally support and understand your stance.


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